test-bubbleRobert and Polly Stein

We have used Morales Construction for over 20 years. From large remodels to small fixes, we have been thrilled with their work in every way. Everyone who works for them and all of their subs are professional, skilled and reliable. Morales is absolutely the best contracting firm in Jacksonville.

test-bubbleCharlie Tomm

Contrary to warnings that building a new house would be very stressful, working with the team at Morales Construction was a pleasure. They removed the stress from the process and made it an enjoyable experience. Anita and I have no fear of building again if the need arises, but we would only do it with Morales.

test-bubbleJohn and Anne Baker

Our experience building a home with Morales Construction was a pleasure from start to finish. They went out of their way to be considerate of the neighbors and handled any concerns promptly. After completing the project, they have continued to answer our questions and fix any problems. Communication and a great team make them exceptional builders.

test-bubbleThe Honorable John Peyton

Rick and his team at Morales Construction made our home building process enjoyable and hassle free. Furthermore, they stand behind their work and serve as a valuable resource long after the project is finished. I highly recommend Morales and look forward to having the occasion to build with them again.

test-bubbleTom and Betty Petway

The entire Morales team is a pleasure to work with. They build with highest quality products, therefore future maintenance problems are few. It was a pleasure, both times. Plus I like the entire family.

test-bubbleJoe and Susan Jangro

My husband and I have been extremely fortunate to have Morales Construction work on three of our homes. When building or remodeling, we have learned never to underestimate the value of honesty and integrity which is the hallmark of Rick and those who work at Morales Construction. Quality and attention to detail are always expected and delivered but when issues of one type or another occur as they do with every building project, Morales Construction will stand behind its product. I give Morales Construction the highest of praise and am so grateful to have had the privilege of working with the company.

test-bubbleRichard Skinner, AIA – Richard Skinner & Associates, Architects

We have worked with Morales Construction for over 20 years on a variety of projects. We have found them to be responsive, accountable, and to consistently provide very high quality craftsmanship. Their excellent portfolio of high end residential work speaks for itself.

test-bubbleJuliana Catlin – FASID Catlin Design

Rick Morales and the whole team at Morales Construction strive to make the entire construction process seamless, detailed with care and totally transparent. We have worked on projects together for over 25 years and each project has gone beautifully with a stunning end result. Residential and commercial expertise always exceeds every expectation, with a practical sense of long term ease of maintenance. Each design detail is carefully crafted to meet the client’s every desire. What a dream team to work with!

test-bubbleThomas H. Goldsbury, P.E., LEED AP Chief – Building Inspection Division City of Jacksonville

As the Building Official for the City of Jacksonville I always appreciate that Morales Construction is willing to meet and resolve building code issues before they turn into becoming conflict issues.

test-bubbleBruce Gartley – Atlantic Companies

We have been doing business with Morales Construction for more than 30 years. We have come to know their entire team, and we consider them friends. They simply build exceptional homes.

test-bubbleOscar and Cathy Munoz

Integrity, quality and the trust that comes with it. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of builder.

test-bubbleJack and Anne Parker

Morales Construction is there for you long after you move in.

test-bubbleSteve Ramsey

Morales construction has the consummate professionals who go above and beyond to ensure a successful project.

test-bubbleJ. Rex Fuqua

What sets part a great from a good construction company is the team of people who guide the construction process. In the renovation of our home in Jacksonville Beach, the Morales team always impressed with its responsiveness and attention to detail. They were true professionals who always had our best interest in mind. We couldn’t have been more satisfied with the work or the relationship.

test-bubbleLee Haramis

Our construction superintendent was a pleasure to work with and catered to our every need. Most importantly, Morales stands behind its work 100 per cent. They are well versed in dealing with sophisticated design professionals so as to fully realize the vision for the project.

test-bubbleGary Norcross

If you want a professionally run project with onsite expertise, Morales Construction is the group to use in Jacksonville.

test-bubbleCarter Bryan

After living in our house for 38 years we realized it was time for a complete renovation. We were delighted that Morales group was the best bid. We knew our house inside and out so we knew exactly what we wanted. I enjoyed working with Rick with his keen knowledge of the most current technology. Thirteen months later and under budget we moved back into our almost new house.

test-bubbleByron Odum – Coastal Sash & Door

Our company has been supplying Rick Morales with high quality windows and doors for close to 20 years. Rick and his team are true professionals and experts in their field. The attention to detail that they put into the selection and handling of our products allows us to do our job better and with more confidence. It is this comfort and trust that make for a true partnership, and a working relationship that we at Coastal Sash & Door hope to continue for years to come.

test-bubbleLin Rainey – Rainey Designs

When I start on a new project and learn that Morales Construction is builder of record, I am thrilled! They are extremely professional and caring at the same time! They work in tandem with client, architect and designer. . .and the end result is a source of pride for all!

test-bubbleBrett D. Newkirk, P.E. – Alta Engineering Company

Morales Construction Company is one of Jacksonville’s finest home builders and renovators. As an engineer, I really appreciate their attention to detail and dedication to building it ‘right’ versus just getting it ‘done.

test-bubbleStanley Kantor – First Coast Supply, Inc.

Morales Construction Company is the premier high-end builder in North Florida. Their reputation is excellent among owners and Rick Morales is special, honorable and a gifted builder.

test-bubbleHoward K. Stalls, Jr. – Environmental Air Conditioning Services, Inc.

For over 15 years I have worked with Morales Construction on many projects from large estate homes to commercial projects that were plan and spec and design build. Always the project and customer’s best interest was put first. Morales strives to achieve the best quality and service for its clients by assembling a team of professionals committed to each project. It is always a pleasure working with Morales Construction as our goals are the same.

test-bubbleJeff M. Lane, AIA – Lane Architecture, P.A.

I have deeply enjoyed my relationship with Morales Construction for over 25 years. They provide high quality, are a great family and have been here for a very long time. Most people do not realize that besides doing very high quality homes, Morales Construction can also be extremely competitive for commercial projects.

test-bubbleJanet O. Whitmill – RLA, Inc.

I have worked with the Morales Construction Company for over 15 years. The projects have excellent quality control and project management. Design professionals such as myself are brought into the early design phases to work with the client’s budget and help resolve potential conflicts. Professionalism and quality are why Morales is the top construction company in the Northeast Florida area.

test-bubbleCaleb Laughlin – Precision Exteriors

It’s refreshing to work with a builder who still believes in taking all the necessary steps to complete every project in the best possible way. Morales Construction doesn’t take shortcuts that will end up causing problems down the road.

test-bubbleJames H. Hewitt, AIA CSI CDT – Williams-Blackstock Architects

I have enjoyed the professional and business relationship we have maintained over the years, however I do have one regret. I truly miss not having had an opportunity to work with Morales Construction over the last, well, too many years, but I still look forward to that time when we can renew that friendship once again.